Buyer Services

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Buyers can’t be lumped into a single bucket – each has unique experiences and various levels of knowledge about real estate. We treat each client experience as a unique opportunity to convert their goals into a simplified plan, tailored to fit their needs. Our three-step process of connection, collaboration and closing helps to ease the process of buying a property by allowing transparency. Our team of agents will guide you through every step of your purchase, providing personal support and critical insights along the way. With a consultative approach, we put you in the driver’s seat by providing the information and resources needed to empower your decision-making and leave you celebrating your purchase.

Buying Process


DISCOVERY: Initial meeting to understand needs, wants and expectations
CLIENT PROFILE: Create a customized customer profile with client data, information and preferred listing options
PRE-APPROVAL: Guide through loan pre-approval process to ensure showings run smoothly
IDENTIFY: Determine the best options that meet your needs, review desired properties, and apply local market expertise to help you evaluate all the listings in your target area


PREPARE for TOUR: Prepare for property tours with Bubela VIP Buyer Loyalty Package which includes:

  • Information and brokerage services
  • Finalization of BRE Commitment Agreement
  • Audit compliance process
  • Property features
  • Comparable property details
  • Market updates on sold properties in the area
  • 3D mapping to track property lines, acreage and unique property features

TOUR: Virtual video tour or 1-on-1 property tour at applicable locations to see ins and outs of property
COMMUNICATE: 24/7 access to answer any comments, questions and concerns when deciding on your dream property. Follow-up in a timely and straightforward manner, respecting your time and your concerns
ALIGN: Identify choices, review to determine if properties meet your needs, wants and expectations – if not, repeat


FINANCING: Help navigate through closing process to streamline the financial piece of the buying process – loan application, mortgage, etc
RESOURCE EXPERTISE: Provide access to host of our in-house resources, such as Partners Insurance for easy comparable home and property insurance quotes
OFFER: Skillfully negotiate your offer and represent your best interests throughout the closing process
DOCUMENT REVIEW: Once offer is accepted, assist with closing paperwork to ensure all documents are clear and managed through closing period

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